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There is a fine line between ambition and annoyance. The grey area of having to wonder whether or not you are one or the other is the most irritating part about being in the entertainment business. You don't want people you're trying to work with to think you're annoying and you definitely don't want them to think that you're not ambitious. How can you tell when you're being one or the other?


Swine Flu has run willy nilly. I posted about it on my Twitter page. (Did I tell you I have a Twitter now? Oops. More on that later.) I think Muslims across the nation are looking at the rest of us like, "We TOLD you so!!!!" I'm not sure what to think. I never thought pork chops could hurt me, but I guess I was wrong. I'm very disappointed pork chops....VERY disappointed.


So, as I mentioned before, I got a Twitter page. I got it for one reason and one reason only: A time will come when I can actually benefit from having a Twitter and I didn't want to wait to get to that point in my career to start one. I didn't want to try to start one and see that a fan has already started If that happened, I would be annoyed. Then I would have to start, which is just lame because anyone can be the REAL Q.Ledbetter.

I also like the idea that Ryan had. He started a Twitter page only to post things that no one would care about, hence, exposing Twitter for what it is; and that is a site where people post things that no one else should really care about. I mean, let's get real. Twitter is just a mechanism for stalkers to know what you're doing at all times. Am I right folks?!

So yeah....I have a Twitter page now....Follow me.

COMMON SENSE: Q.Ledbetter, you are such a hypocrite!

ME: What?! Who was that?! Who are you?! Show yourself!!!!

COMMON SENSE: It's me, numb nuts! I'm not surprised you don't recognize my voice. We haven't associated with each other in a very long time.

ME: Ohhhh...hello, Common Sense. How have you been?

COMMON SENSE: Oh, NOW you want to talk to me!

ME: Look, I'm sorry. Things have just been crazy.

COMMON SENSE: Your life is falling apart Q.Ledbetter, and it's all because you stopped listening to me.

ME: I wouldn't say my life is falling apart, per say, but it has been----

COMMON SENSE: What about that girl you were dating from the end of last year until February?

ME: Well she and I weren't really dating because we never actually went out on a---


ME: You make a good point.

COMMON SENSE: What about a couple of weeks ago when you refused to get business cards made and now that you actually NEED business cards, you don't have any.

ME: Well, you know how I feel about business cards.

COMMON SENSE: ....and now this Twitter thing. I must say Q.Ledbetter. I expected this out of a lot of people: Lil' Wayne, Soulja Boy, Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken, Jesus...

ME: Wait...Jesus has a Twitter page?!

COMMON SENSE: Not yet, but He's thinking about it. I'm trying to talk Him out of it.

ME: Wait....Jesus and I have the same Common Sense?!?!

COMMON SENSE: I'm universal, dork! That's where the "common" comes from. Besides, who says I can't take on multiple clients?!

ME: I guess that makes sense.

COMMON SENSE: I'm very disappointed in you Q.Ledbetter. Shame. For shame!

ME: :(


That's a conversation I just had with my common sense. It was brutal. I'm sorry you had to sit through that. I'll make it up to you, though. Let's go for ice cream :D

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