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I just realized that people can follow your blog. This goes beyond simply reading the blog on a regular basis. No. Now people can follow your blog. As of right now I have 5 followers.

I enjoy having followers. I love you all...all 5 of you.

In other news:

I just returned from an ice cream social that my office threw for us. The ice cream was very creamy and everyone stuck to their own expected. I did not want ice cream because ice cream is one of those things that I have to be in the mood for.

One woman who works in our office tried to get me and my office buddy, Leon, to socialize with everyone else. We didn't budge. She called me Quinton. My name is Quincy. I didn't want to correct her.

The problem is that now that I know she thinks my name is Quinton and I didn't correct her, then how will I correct her in the future? "Hey, I know you've been calling me Quinton for the past 5 or so months, but my name is actually Quincy." She'll say, "Why didn't you tell me that before when I called you Quinton all those times?!?!"

I won't know what to say. Do you?

My job sponsored a writing class that taught us strategies on how to write and communicate more effectively in a corporate environment. I realized 2 things during this 4-hour class:

1) As the days go by I dream more and more of the day when I am my OWN boss.

2) I've been writing my blogs all wrong and if what I learned in that class is any indication, none of you have read a word of what I've written for the past 3 years.