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multiplicity theories and day dreams

I have decided to donate my body to stem cell research so that the President can clone me and I have more time to tend to the needs of others. I am not saying that I don't want to help my friends, but when they are all asking for things at once it gets kind of tough to handle. The only way to make myself available to everyone and still be able to take care of myself would be to develop a slave of me. I will call it SLAV-Q.0

SLAV-Q.0 will handle my photo shoots and studio sessions for people who come up to visit. I will work in the studio on new instrumentals that people will actually buy. SLAV-Q.0 will fold my laundry. I will actually do my laundry. I have no problem doing my laundry; it's the folding and putting it away that sucks for me. SLAV-Q.0 and I will split the work week. I will go Wednesday to Thursday and Q.0 will go Monday to Tuesday. We will alternate Fridays.

SLAV-Q.0 will have a shut down mechanism just in case it decides to develop a mind of it's own. After about two weeks of dealing with the stuff I deal with in some of my photo shoots, it will most definitely try to revolt. I can't have that.

So, I'm really exhausted today and I dozed off at my desk this morning. Whenever I am sleepy I talk jibberish because I imagine conversations with people and I think they are actually happening. This morning when I dozed off, I woke up and exclaimed, "WATCH OUT SAYID! ONE OF THEM KNOWS KARATE!"

I'll let you decide for yourselves what I was dreaming about.

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