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i promise i'm only a LITTLE BIT serious about this

So, I woke up at exactly 6:38am Sunday morning and was pretty disoriented. While I was disoriented I started to think about time travel and realized we've been going about it all wrong. Instead of thinking of time as a tangible thing (it isn't) we should be taking a more conscious perspective.

Think of any time your dreams have reached a climactic point, but just before you fall off that cliff or land that kiss with the guy/gal of your dreams your alarm clock goes off. How does your alarm clock know to go off right before your dream is realized? I'll tell you how. The alarm clock goes off BEFORE you have the dream. Stay with me.

We all know that dreams aren't actual events, but they are the result of some activity in our subconscious. Time can be stretched, events can be controlled, etc. If real life is the result of a universal consciousness, then who's to say the same thing can't occur?

A sane person can say that Q.Ledbetter.

What? Who are you?

I am your subconscious.

Oh...hey, what's up?

You're what's up?

What? What do you mean?

Listen to yourself. Listen to the hopslop you're feeding these people!

I'm just sayin'....

Yeah, that's the problem.

Well, maybe if you made more sense I wouldn't be so irrational.

Don't try to blame this on me!!!!

I'm just sayin'. You're my subconscious and, therefore, have a lot to do with what I think. If I make no sense, then who's fault is that?

I'll need a second to ponder that. You may have a point too.

So, if you came up with that time travel theory, then does that mean that I came up with it?



But, wait...if you're refuting my time travel theory, then does that mean that I am, as well?



Well, I guess we're at a crossroads, my friend.

It would appear so.

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