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The Chronicles of Boogaloo Brown

If I were to be a Blaxsploitation character, I would be a detective named Boogaloo Brown. I would keep a memoir called The Chronicles of Boogaloo Brown. This is something that you have to deal with.

I have been spending the better part of this morning role playing as a terrible actor from the UK named Antwan Fenderbalm. Its making me laugh. I wish you were in on the joke so you would understand how funny this is.

I was sick last night, but sick in a way that makes it best, for your sake, I don't go into detail. My being sick led me to Google search what diseases are related to the symptoms I had last night. This is a terrible habit of mine. Whenever I am sick I Google search symptoms of diseases. I need to stop this because most diseases share the same symptoms; usually these symptoms are identical to those of the common cold. Hence, whenever I have a cold and I look up symptoms I can easily convince myself that I am an HIV positive Diabetic with a brain tumor and minor sinus infection.

So a woman, with whom I was once affiliated, hit me up after a while of us not talking. She said she made the decision to become a stripper. I was hogboggled* by this and spent the remainder of the evening contemplating life and what could have led to her decision, as it doesn't make sense for her to be a stripper (there are excusable circumstances, but she has none). Later that evening I got a text from her saying she was only joking. She should be a comedian, instead.

(my sarcastic wit in action)

...and WOWSER MCWOWSERSTEINS*!!!! I got a placement on the next Day26 album. Its not a track I produced (Dre Knight did it). I only played guitars on it, but its something, you know? Lets hope everything goes through as it should.

Baby steps, folks. steps.

*hogboggled - This is a word a made up on the spot to describe how surprised I was. It goes beyond shock.

*wowser mcwowsersteins - A co-worker said this to me yesterday and I swore that I would use it every chance I get. This is something you, as my friends and family, will have to accept.

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