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....another apartment search story.

I forgot to tell you this one.

We get to this guy's apartment so he can show it to us as a prospect.  It turns out that he won't be able to make it (surprise, surprise), so he said his roommate could let us in and show us.  His roommate was not there, but would be back in 15 minutes.  How is it that when someone is late they're always 15 minutes late.

Anyways, when the guy gets to the apartment he lets us in and we follow him upstairs to the place.  We walk in and start looking around.  I open the refrigerator to check out its size and start looking around the kitchen.  He asked me, "You like for refrigerator?"  It was then that I realized he didn't speak much English (he was Indian).  I replied, "Yes, the refrigerator is very nice."

At this point Al and Ryan had already started looking at the other rooms.  Ryan was checking the water pressure in the bathroom.  We ask him, "Is it alright if we go into the bedrooms?"  He says, "Bedrooms?  Yes."  We go into the rooms and start looking around.  One of the bedrooms didn't have a closet, but it had one of those things that you buy at IKEA that look like closets (I forget what they're called).  Ryan asked, "Does this come with it?"  He looked at Ryan confused and said, "Yes, that comes."

(Stay with me.  This gets good.)

As we were leaving Ryan says, "This is a very nice place, but we don't like that it doesn't have a living room."  He replies, "Ooooh, yes.  No living room."  We say our goodbyes and start to head out when they guy asks, "...and what was the purpose of this visit?"





Did you catch that?  This poor, non-English speaking, gentleman had NO IDEA why we were there!!!!  Imagine his confusion when he let's us in and I go straight for his refrigerator.  Imagine his shock when Al goes into the bathroom and turns on the shower.  Imagine, if you will, letting 3 total strangers (one of them Black) into your apartment and they go rummaging around your bedrooms.

I felt bad, but it makes for a fairly uninteresting, yet moderately funny story to tell.

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