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Beards and Epic Songs

The name of this blog fits my current situation.  I currently have a scruffy beard and I have just gotten done recording the most epic song ever.  You should be jealous....of the song, not the beard.

I can never grow an actual beard.  I never make it beyond the scruffle stage.  I don't know what the issue is.  I can't grow a mustache either.  Does this make me less of a man.  If so, let me know by dialing 1-888-KISSMYBUTT

...that may be too many numbers.  I think it is.  If so, let me know by dialing, 1-800-KICK-ROCKS

I have absolutely nothing to say right now.  I don't even know why I'm wasting your time by putting up this blog post.  The truth is for the past couple of days I've done nothing with myself.  Recording the song I referenced earlier is the most productive thing I've done in the past 4 days.  It is epic, ep is going the be the hottest thing ever.  You're going to pee your pants when you hear it.

What if people peed their pants as a reaction to a positive emotion?  For example, if you had a thing for someone and instead of getting butterflies in your stomach you just peed your pants.  If that were the case, then having a crush on someone would suck.  It would suck a lot.



Well, that's it!

Get the free Q.Ledbetter download from last week.  It won't make you pee your pants, but happiness is guaranteed.



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