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Things Black People Should No Longer Tolerate

My list of Things Black People Should No Longer Tolerateconsists mostly of things that I think we can tackle immediately and see a positive impact; not only on how society perceives us, but how we can improve our place in the world.

1) Appearances on Maurry Povich.  Black people, this needs to stop.  Not only does it support the false stereotype that all we're good for is having illegitimate babies, but it's also just not a good look.  Black men, if you get the call to appear on the show, JUST SAY NO!  Black women, if you have to have a third party run a test to see if Tom, Dick, or Harry is the father of your 3 year old, you should reevaluate the direction your life is going.  Do NOT go on Maurry Povich.  They're making fools out of all of us.


2) 80% of B.E.T. Programming.  Black people, this needs to stop.  The fact that we have a network to ourselves is a great step (that's where the 20% comes in).  Now, we need to focus on pressuring programmers to broadcast shows that do not confirm stereotypes and rejoice in the images that are contributing to the world's misconceptions of who we are as a people.  Consider Thomas, a white man who has never interacted with black people.  To get an idea of who we are he turns on B.E.T. to find.....Tiny & Toya?  Get real.

"Oh Q.Ledbetter, VIACOM owns B.E.T. and we have no control over what they broadcast.  It's out of our hands."  Black people, you need to stop.  Lest we forget the Civil Rights Movement changed the face of our world and there were black folks saying we couldn't pull that off either.


3) Reasons to be a suspect on "The First 48".  This is a major problem and requires greater discussion, but I am sick of seeing us on "The First 48".  Consider Thomas, a white man who has never interacted with black people.  To get an idea of who we are he turns on A&E to find....."Yellow Shoes" Jackson's bottom b--tch done killed him on the block? 

This leads me to my next point.


4) Stupid nicknames and insanely ghetto birth names.  "Yellow Shoes" is an actual name given to a guy who got killed on "The First 48".  I didn't make that up.  Nook-Nook, Rayvonsia, Black Mookey, Buck Town, Gucci Mayne, Beyonce....BLACK PEOPLE, THIS NEEDS TO STOP!


5) Not reading.  This is aimed mainly towards parents of black children:  Please, read to your children and encourage them to read.  If they don't want to read, MAKE THEM READ.  During my summers as a child my parents made me, my brother, and my sister read two chapters of a book (an actual novel) a day before we could have any leisure time. 

I was mad at them for it back then, but I love them for it now.  I REALLY do.  Thanks mom.  Thanks dad.


6) Self-hatred.  Self-hatred does not apply to low self-esteem as much as it applies to looking down on other black people.  No matter what the circumstances, we must NOT look down on each other.  Educated black people must no longer look down on the uneducated black people and the criminal black people.  It's up to us to help each other.

This kind of leads me to my other point.


7) Being mad at black men/women for dating outside of the race.  Get over it.  It's 2009 and segregation was killed with Jim Crow.  If you cringe when you see a black man or woman dating outside of the race, you have some serious self-evaluation to do.


8) Being afraid of black women.  I mean, come on.  They're beautiful and remarkably strong.  It's nothing to be afraid of.  Applaud.


9) Black women trying to give people something to be afraid of.  At some point SOME (Not all.  I repeat...NOT ALL) black women got in their head that being a "strong black woman" means being loud, putting a hand in people's face, and threatening to kick someone's ass, when they know very well that they have no intention of doing so.  This is not strength, it's irritating and very fitting of the stereo type. 

Think about this:  If you asked a white woman to do an imitation of a black woman, how do you think they would imitate you?


10)  VH1 reality and looking-for-love shows.  Enough is enough, Black people. 


11) Black women agreeing to appear in rap videos.  NEWS FLASH:  Men do to women what women allow men to do.  Black women, if you refuse to degrade yourself, you will no longer be degraded.  That's the bottom line.  Think about it.  If women in those videos didn't agree to and respond to having cheap liquor spilled all over their chests, then it wouldn't happen.  The same applies for real life.  If more women didn't tolerate disrespect, it wouldn't happen in real life.  Why?  Because 90% of what men do in life is in the pursuit of women.

NOTE TO BLACK WOMEN:  Not tolerating disrespect should not always lead to acting as described in #9 on this list.

I'll even take this a step further and address all women:  If you REQUIRE men to be educated and well mannered then we will ALL be educated and well mannered.  Black women, ESPECIALLY need to think about this.  This is a very important point.


12) Not reading.  I know I said this one before, but seriously.....we need to read more.


That's all I got.  Let me know if I forgot something.

Later folks.

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