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Just so you know....

I am saddened when I see people with crappy umbrellas.  There are larger and stronger umbrellas than the one you're using.  They can be yours for less than $30.  I mean, you wouldn't believe how large an umbrella can be.  Recently, I upgraded to an umbrella so large you couldn't even rightfully call it an umbrella.  It's more like a "rain repellant" or a "rain bully" of some sort.

There are umbrellas with wind vents in them so that they don't fold outward in the rain.  Yes.  This exists.  I honestly don't understand why everyone does not  have kick ass umbrellas.  The government isn't keeping them a secret.  The military isn't rationing them for war.  You can have one.  Just go to the store and get a large, strong umbrella.  If you're too lazy to look, you tell a sales rep, "Show me your largest, strongest umbrella."  They'd do it for you. 

Let me reiterate:  A large, strong umbrella could be yours for $30.  I got mine for $25.  I imagine if you save for a while you could get one even larger and stronger than mine for $35; then we could fight with our umbrellas and you'd win.

I'm just letting you know because, as of right now, my umbrella would OWN your umbrella in a ninja fight. 


NOTE:  I did a Google search for ninja fighting with umbrellas.  Nothing.  No where on the Internet is there a picture of two ninja fighting with umbrellas.  I know, I'm just as disappointed as you are.  Anyways, this is what you get.  (Pretend this is you and me and we're holding umbrellas.)


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