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YES!!!! Jeans & Sneaker Day at the Office!!!!

NOTE TO READER:  If you did not pick up on the sarcasm in the subject of this blog, then read no further.  You won't get it.

The powers that be are allowing us to wear jeans and sneakers today for our evacuation drill.  They are doing this because when the alarm sounds we cannot take the elevator.  Also, we'll have to stand outside for two hours.  Allowing us to dress down is a kind gesture from the fat cats up top.

What is comical about this (to me, anyways) is that people are strutting around the office in their regular clothes with a new sort of confidence.  It's like letting the slaves sing their freedom songs in the fields as loud as they want for a day.

...and ONLY for a day.  *stern, dictatorial look*

For some folks, this is an opportunity to show their office crush what they're reallymade of.  "Yes, I can be stylish.  Yes, I wear slim fitting Express Jeans on the weekends.  Yes, I would most definitely like to come with you to happy hour.  Yes, I dohave a constant look of apathy on my face, but not because I'm apathetic.  It's because I really like how Express models always look like day-walking vampires who are just SOOOO over it."

For others, this is an opportunity to show everyone that they're a cowboy.  "Check out these bad ass Wranglers I'm wearin'.  I'll bet you didn't know I could hold it down like this, did'jah?!  Now if you'll excuse me, I got me some damn wranglin' to do!"

For me, this was ALMOST an opportunity to be an ass.  I was going to dress UP instead of dress down.  I was going to wear a full suit; jacket, tie, vest, freshly polished shoes, cufflinks, the works.  I giggled myself to sleep last night at the thought of it. 

"Oh man, they're gonna die when I walk in there like, 'What corporate America?!  You don't like that I'm not falling for your ploys to make me feel free when I actually am not?!  Why don't you go somewhere and kick rocks and watch "Secret Girlfriend" with your teenage son and watch his stupid levels peak?!'"  Then, when I woke up I just put on my red MK2 button down with my slim fitting Express Jeans.  I conformed.....again.  I'm not at all proud of my constant conformity, but at least I get to show the office hotties what I'm made of. 

Now if you will excuse me, I have some strutting to do.

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