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My Secret Girlfriend (worst show ever)

I have seen a total of 6.5 minutes of the show "My Secret Girlfriend" on Comedy Central and it has got to be the worst show ever.  The pitch for this show must have been epic because I'm confused how something that terrible could even get approved for a pilot.

COMEDY CENTRAL EXEC:  So guys what you got in mind for this show?

DOUCHE BAG:  Dude.  Titties!

COMEDY CENTRAL EXEC:  Titties?  Is that it?  What else you got?


COMEDY CENTRAL EXEC:  So, big tittles and what else?

DOUCHE BAG:  Bro-ski, you're not listening.  BIG!


DOUCHE BAG:  Like....massive.

COMEDY CENTRAL EXEC:  I don't know fellas.  I like where your head is at, but we need a story that goes beyond Massive Titties.

DOUCHE BAG:  Ummmm....EPIC titties?

COMEDY CENTRAL EXEC:  Now you're talkin'!!!!  Say "balls" at least 175 times throughout the season and we've got ourselves a program!

I'm not going to rant off about the show for too long because you may become curious and, Lord forbid, moved to watch an episode.  Though I'm sure you wouldn't make it beyond the first commercial break, I don't want you to waste precious moments of your life.  

My biggest beef is that every girl on the show is insanely good looking (more because of excessive make up and "decoration").  It's just too unreal.  We have to remember that not every girl in the world looks like she could be a supporting character on Final Fantasy X-2.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not an intellectual all the time.

"Oh Q.Ledbetter, I didn't know you were an intellectual at all."

Shut up.  If Dr. Dre can call himself a doctor, then I can call myself an intellectual.  Anyways....

I'm not a super genius intellectual smarty-pants ALL the time, but I do know that the programming we're seeing on television now is contributing to the deterioration of our intelligence.  I'm not sure how to go about fixing this.  I'm not even sure we have any power or say-so in the matter.  The best thing we can do is do more digging for great programming beyond television.  It's out there.  You just have to dig around for it.

....either that or we could simply go back to reading.  

But alas, I am a dreamer.

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