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outrageous in an awkward sort of way

Two of the people in the article, to which the link above leads, used to work in my office. One of them is a friend of mine I think the things they're saying are WAY off base and not reflective of how intelligent they actually are when they're not talking about politics.

I am not going to go into too much detail on what the article is about. I expect you to read the article and the comments that follow on your own. I would like to touch on a couple of things that sparked my attention:

1) The word "socialism" is tossed around like a beach ball. I don't care what ANY one says. No one would be talking all of this 'socialism' jazz if Joe the Plumber didn't say it first. Before Joe said it and the GOP ran with it, NO ONE was comparing Obama's plan to socialism. No one. The fact of the matter is that it is NOT socialism. Obama's plan simply goes back to the way things were during Clinton's time in the Oval Office. This is not socialism; this is going back to something that WORKED.

If there is a procedure that was working well in a system and the procedure changed and the system fell apart, what would you do? You would GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL SYSTEM!!!!! This is NOT socialism.

This "socialism" thing came about because people can't think for themselves. They hear a catch phrase, trigger word, or a half witted opinion and they adopt it as their own so they can either sound smart in conversations with people who have adopted the same idea or be antagonistic just for the sake of being against something. Its a shame that intelligent people, like the ones interviewed in this article, get caught up in it along with the idiots.

2) Someone in the article said something to the effect of, "I'm going to hide my guns so Barry can't get to them." Are you serious. BARACK will not come to your apartment and take your guns away. No one is going to do that. This is America. You have the right to bear arms, so as long as your guns are registered, no one will take them away from you. At NO POINT in his campaign did Barack Obama say that he was going rewrite the Constitution to repossess firearms.

Gun control and stricter regulation on people who possess ILLEGAL FIREARMS is necessary. Anytime children in the inner city can get an illegal firearm sooner and easier than they can get better resources for their education, stricter punishment is necessary.

NOTE: The key phrase here is "ILLEGAL FIREARMS". If you have licenses for your guns, then you don't need to hide them.

3) Another person (maybe the same person), said that he/she will "buy as many guns as possible" before Barack takes his seat as President.

This is just stupid. Since when is buying more guns an intelligent resolve for anything.

4) Another person in the article suggested that America is suffering from an "overreaction" to the current economic crisis.

Okay. In the past two months over 500,000 people have lost their jobs. We have seen shortages in fuel and food. These are F-A-C-T-S. If you think that the precautions being discussed in our government and in the media is an overreaction then, perhaps you do not have as much responsibility as other grown ups do and who are feeling this crisis first hand.

5) In one of the comments to the article someone suggested that Barack and the Democrats are some how responsible for our country's current condition. This would only make since if Barack or a Democrat were president for the past 8 years. Where do you even come up with an opinion that stupid? I don't even know.

6) I'm tired of typing about this. Read the article yourself. If you know anyone who shares the same ideas as my former co-workers, then please take them to a library and have them read more.

I especially encourage people who voted against Barack Obama as a result of rational thinking and a simple difference in opinion to discuss the matter with the others who are harboring and buying guns, crying socialism, and just being ignorant in general.

I'm done.

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