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sicky sicky sick sick and things that go bump in the night....

I would very much like to sue the makers of over the counter drugs for false advertising. I don't want to sound like a Scientologist or anything, but the junk just doesn't work. Please answer, for me, the following questions:

1) When have you ever taken Airborne when you felt like you were starting to get sick and you avoided getting sicker?

2) When have you ever used Tylenol Cold and Sinus and it eased your sore throat and got rid of your cough and runny nose?

3) When has NyQuil/DayQuil done anything besides taste terrible?

I may be alone in this; as a matter of fact, I'm sure I am, however, over the counter drugs never (and have never) worked for me. I felt like I was starting to get sick yesterday morning, so I took the appropriate vitamins, drank plenty of fluids, and took all the preventive medicines. I even ate vegetables and you KNOW how much I hate the veggies. I woke up this morning feeling like death had violated me in my sleep.

So join me in my quest to win big in the legal system by suing the major pharmaceutical companies for false advertising.

I apologize for this blog post not being entertaining. Now if you will excuse, me I have to go eat oranges.

NOTE: Refrain from posting comments to this blog listing pointers or ideas on how I can feel better. This isn't a cry for help. Its a ridiculous blog post not to be taken seriously.

peace 'n grease

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