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just to give you an idea of how sick and exhausted i am

I'm at my desk at work. My right hand was resting on my thigh, but I thought it was the mouse for my computer.

Ladies and gentlemen, I moved my hand around my thigh wondering why my mouse wasn't working. I did this for approximately 5 seconds which is 4 seconds too long to be acceptable.

The following has nothing to do with me being sick:

I was out with a good friend-o-mine on Saturday night and it was cold. She let me borrow an extra scarf from her car because for some strange reason, I do not own my own scarf. As soon as she handed me the scarf I realized that I had no idea what the best way to put on a scarf would be. I figured I would do it how everyone else does it, so I tried that. It didn't work.

Long story short, she ended up putting the scarf on for me. I felt like I was 10 years old.

I had a dream last night that I woke up to go to work very late. In the dream it was after 4pm and I get off work at 4. I thought it was real.