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i wish i were lying about this

PETA has launched a campaign to change the name of fish from "fish" to "sea kittens". They figure that changing the name to sea kitten would make people think twice about fishing or eating fish all together. I understand that this may sound unbelievable, but it is true. Here is a link to a news story on the subject:

This is one step closer to bringing our world to a state of Idiocracy. We're getting more and more stupid as the decades pass, ladies and gentlemen. Have you seen a show called, "Gossip Girl". I watched an episode for the first time a few nights ago. It was one of the worst shows I'd ever seen. The dialogue is so unnatural. I felt like I was watching people read a script. I don't expect you to understand.

I found myself watching an episode of "Desperate Housewives" recently as well. The show is basically about a group of MILFs doing MILF things. I enjoyed it for its visual qualities more than its content. Which is the same as letting a woman get away with being a crappy person because she's hot.

Which brings me to the dream I had last night. I had a dream that I was in some sort of concentration camp where they separated us by gender. It was a lot like college. Anyways, I was dating a girl on the other side of the camp who was addicted to Meth, but she was still hot. It was like she had just started with the Meth and it hadn't affected her much yet. Towards the end of the dream we were in her room and I thought she was cooking chicken, but it was Meth. She was like, "Do you want some?" I declined and ended the relationship just as the drug bust was initiated.

It was wild, man....WILD!

So, I really wish I could go to the Inauguration, but last week they told us that we have to work on a big project at work. They advised against taking any days off for the duration of this month (probably into next month). So, I'll be watching history take place from the break room here at the office.


OK...that's all I got.

My band and I finished our second album last night. The free download link is coming very soon.

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