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forgotten yet again

I've been struggling to find something worth writing about in my blog lately. I used to let fly with the ranting and the yadda yadda yadda, but I have found myself biting my tongue recently. What is there to talk about?!


I'm going to see my friends' band play tonight. They're dope.

See?! That's all I got right now! Have I become uninteresting? Has the WORLD become uninteresting?! There isn't much that I can pay attention to in the media that doesn't piss me off, so I've been staying away from following current events. I've been very "centered" lately and the last thing I need is to see the leaders of our government continue to foul things up.

So, a plane crashed in the Hudson River near where I live. Reports say that it was because of a "bird strike", which is when the plane is in flight and a flock of birds inadvertently fly into the engines.


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