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i was "that guy" for a second

I have a problem with people who have no inner monologue; meaning, they just blurt out crap that comes to their mind with no concern how it makes people feel. Well, I was that guy for a moment yesterday evening.

I had a screenwriting class and the instructor was sitting down the whole time. Anytime he wasn't sitting down he was way across the room, so I didn't realize how tall this guy was. He's about 7 feet tall. It was crazy. I didn't notice this until after class and I was standing next to him in the elevator.

I looked up at him (had to tilt my head back pretty far), and I said, "Wow, I didn't realize how tall you were." To which he replied, "Sometimes I don't realize how tall I am." That was the end of the conversation and it wasn't until I was on the train home that I realized the sarcasm in his reply. It can be translated as, "Come on man, I've been towering over everyone I've met since I was a Senior in High School. I'm well aware that I stand out. I don't need you to point it out to me like some asshole who doesn't know how to have a thought without blurting it out in an elevator full of people."

Well, this is my apology to Mr. Doug Katz:

Doug, I was "that guy" and I pride myself on not being one of "those people". I let my slip show. I apologize. The class was great. I hope we cross paths again on a more professional level.

Peace 'n Grease, dude.

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