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such a wild ride....

Life has a very odd way of playing itself out. Sometimes we think the worst, but even in speaking it and considering all the possible outcomes it is still a shock when it actually happens, right?

I moved to New York as a step closer towards making music with my life. I, literally, spend 24 hours a day thinking about the day when I will finally see the fruit of my efforts. I sit in my cubicle and dream, dream, dream. I think of the luxuries that come along with the lifestyle of doing what I actually want to do with my life. I dream of the influence I can have on the world being in the public eye. I think about the changes I can make and the inspiration I can bring about to people who need it, as I did once upon a time.

I think of these things so often it seems like when I think of who I am becoming and who I am, I get an image of two totally different people.

When I think of someone I know and have a pretty good idea of what they will become, be it good or bad, I think of two different people; two different realities:

1) This person now
2) This person later

You spend so much time thinking of these things that the inevitable becomes unreal. Its like you're thinking of someone you don't know; so, when the moment comes when you realize that the person "now" has become the person "later", its like a that reality that seemed so unreal is your new reality. It gives you new things to think about. This new reality introduces a whole host of issues.

Where do we go from here?
Who will we become?

When my day comes, on the moment I realize that I am the "later" version of myself, I hope that I can handle the new host of issues that come along with it.

I hope that when your moment comes, you are prepared for it. Because whether you like it or not, every action you take is a step towards who you will be later. Every movement is either a step closer to who you want to be or a step further away., where are YOU going?

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