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so i'm not sure if you noticed.....

My past few blogs have been mostly politically driven. I am going to restrict myself from watching anything having to do with politics until the day we vote. I am going too crazy. I'm going to watch the debates, but that's it. I may even delete some of the political blogs I have posted. So by the time you read this they may be gone. If you haven't read them, then you missed some good blog action. You missed me at my best. If you have read them, then you know that none of that is true, but lets keep that between me and you.

OH SNAP! That rhymed, yo. The last half of that last sentence is like a line from an R&B track from the early-mid '90s, right? I can picture it being song by Boyz II Men, ABC, or BBD. This is almost like that one time when I was The Wolf and I wrote that song for George Michael.

I forgot my iPod today. Ever since I got a Zune (don't judge me) and then graduated to an iPod I have never been without it. Today, I forgot to grab it off of my dresser. This is almost like that one time when I was The Wolf and I invented iPods and forgot my inventor's notes at home and Steve Jobs found them and took the credit. I always forget things when I am The Wolf.

One time when I was The Wolf I lied about being The Ape to score big with this chick from MySpace I was kinda interested in. She is only into apes. When I met her as The Wolf disguised as The Ape she saw right through my ruse.

Sometimes when I'm The Wolf I'm not good at dating.

A co-worker put me on to a new dating web site called Sometimes when its quiet in the office he'll just blurt out, "...plenty of fish dot caaaaaaaaaam." Its funny. I don't think he realizes it.

I've been leaving postit notes around the office that say something ridiculous followed by, "sent from my BlackBerry." For example, there is a really nice pen on top of one of the cubicle shelves here. I wrote on a post it note:

This pen is awesome!!!!!
...sent from my BlackBerry.

I thought this would cause pandemonium in the office. "Who is this mystery person sending us messages from his BlackBerry? How does his BlackBerry have the ability to create real life postit notes? Why can't MY BlackBerry do that?!"

Thus far, no one has mentioned it, so I will stop.

*sad face

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