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The Bailout and Economic Crash

We can all debate and speculate about what is causing the situation our country is in. Many people are saying that this is a political matter. Others are saying that its due to concern for taxpayers and what is fair for the common man. I think those things play a factor, but ultimately this is a class and status issue.

The people who run this country are, for the most part, COMPLETELY out of touch with how this will affect the average American. If this bill does not pass and economic restoration does not begin, then WE are the ones who will suffer. WE do not have six figure salaries. WE do not have 4 different homes to go to if we lose one of them. WE are the ones who will lose our jobs. I think that if the fat cats voting against this bill really understood how the destruction of our economy would destroy the American people, then they'd have a more leveled head about this.

If they were in danger of losing their jobs, homes, student loans, and transportation, then I think they'd be a bit more thoughtful about their position on the issue at hand. I guess compassion gets thrown out the window when you reach a different area of the tax bracket.

The McCain campaign came forth and blamed [quote] "Barack Obama and the Democrats" for the bill not passing. How is that possible when most of the Democrats voted for the bill and most REPUBLICANS voted against it? Someone who is an idiot will tell you that its because of "partisan" speeches made before voting. That's bullshit. The number of Republicans who said they changed their vote because of "partisan politics" before the voting procedure began is the exact same number of Republican votes needed to pass the bill. How stupid do they think we are?

Like I said, these people are rich and out of harm's way. Their jobs are secure. Their money is in the right places. Their kids are doing alright.

I got a call yesterday from my financial advisor and he told me that there is a freeze on my savings account and I no longer have access to my money until further notice. Then he went on to say that I could LOSE some of my savings. My savings is all I have if worse comes to worse. This shit needs to stop.

But, whatever. I'm really used to think that as an American I had power to stop things like this from happening and my country wouldn't sink to such lows as ignore the events leading to this situation and then using it for political gain. I swear, if shit gets any worse I'm moving to Europe or Canada. I'm serious. seriously....I'm SERIOUS. it just me or is Barney Frank the fucking DUDE?!

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