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take a little time....

When I was in the 7th grade my science teacher, Mr. Bateman, told us that if you were to look at a clear night sky for 30-40 minutes without losing focus you would gradually see more and more stars. I tried it that night and sure enough as time passed I got to see the night time sky for what it really was. It was astonishing. From time to time I still look up at the sky to look at how beautiful it can be if you just give it time to show itself. This morning I thought about what Mr. Bateman told us about taking the time to look at the sky and seeing how beautiful it can be. I thought about how enjoyable it is to apply the same logic to other parts of my life.

Take relationships for example; so many people rush into them. People become clingy and want to stake claim on someones affections before taking time to get to know them. We don't "look at the sky" long enough. We don't give each other's real personalities a chance to show. We don't take the time to appreciate how beautiful the people we take interest in really are, do we? Not enough of us do, anyways.

If you meet someone and you rush into a serious relationship, or even just a sexual relationship, then you're missing out on who that person really is. You may sleep with someone and develop strong feelings for them only to find out that they're an asshole in real life. Now, you're stuck having a strong physical and mental connection with an asshole. When you take an interest in someone its always best to take things slow and really see what you're getting into and who you're getting into it with. After all, getting to know someone you're interested in for who they really are is far more fun than trying to sleep with them as soon as you possibly can. Its always more rewarding to fish around for someones true personality than an assumption of how good they are in bed or how talented they are at playing "the game".

NOTE: Games are for kids who still look forward to recess.

Not only that, but if you are the type of person who aims to see a person for who they are, you have to ensure that that person has a genuine interest in you, too. Such things can't be determined right away.

So, take time out and look at the sky until it shows you what it REALLY is. Its more rewarding in the end.

P.S. - I urge all of you to find a spot where there are no city lights and take a gander at the night time sky on a clear night. Focus on the sky and don't look away for 30-40 minutes. It works especially well when there is a full moon. It is a sight to see, indeed.

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