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an eye (I) opening convo

Last night, I was on the phone with a woman....I mean a real woman. Not those imaginary ones that I have often created in my previous blogs. Said woman shall remain nameless.

Last night she mentioned that she has been annoyed with men lately. I understood, but was numb to the revelation, as women tell me this all the time; hence, I understood WHY she was annoyed but couldn't grasp HOW she could be annoyed. She decided to show me by letting me "sit in" on a conversation she has with another man.

That's right. You heard me. She told me that when a guy calls her she would put him on 3-way so I could listen to how other men talk to her; of course I would have my phone on mute. She assured me that when she talks to me she is "different". I didn't understand this either. I appreciated it, but I didn't fully understand just how different she could possibly be. After all, since I've started talking to this girl, I've only seen her genuine side. It was hard for me to imagine her being any other way to anyone else.

I'm ranting...back to the "sit in". Fellas, take heed to what is about to happen.

She and I were talking and, sure enough, another guy called. I put my phone on mute and she put us on 3-way. No more than 3 seconds into their "conversation" (and I use the term loosely) the awkwardness began. After the superficial greetings this guy had nothing so he went straight into the BAD flirting.

At some points it was funny and at some points it was sad (mostly funny). I know what you're thinking, "Q.Ledbetter, what you and this woman did was wrong!" Nope. You didn't hear that conversation. Trust me. It wasn't wrong. It was right. It was so very right; you have no idea. I had direct quotes from the conversation posted in this blog, but my conscience got the best of me and I deleted it. So many people read my shit that this guy might and his feelings would get hurt.

NOTE: I actually doubt that...not that he would read this blog, but that his feelings would get hurt. This guy was OBLIVIOUS to his Douche Bag Status.

I learned a few things from that conversation. Some are personal lessons and some are lessons for all of us (mostly men).

Personal Lesson: I learned that I'm doin' alright as far as personality. I told the nameless lady that before that moment I thought my personality and "flirt only when you're being flirted with" approach was the reason why I was single. I am now sure that my conversation style with women whom I find interesting is just fine in comparison to the "shawty lemmie holla" style of the average male.

It also hit me that the nameless lady's personality is genuine with me and not genuine with "90% of the other men I know"; which made me feel HELLA special ;)

Fellas: Flirting is cool, but don't be so obvious with it. I'm not sure how to flirt, but I know what BAD flirting is. Refrain from all talk about sex (unless its a grown up conversation about the subject). Refrain from asking the female when you can come over. That is so NOT pimpin'...even I know that. Wait for her to invite you. If at anytime a woman says to you, "Man up...don't be such a pussy," abandon ship. Abort mission. Its not going well.

Ladies: If a man you are talking to sounds anything like the man described in this blog, abandon ship. Get on the life raft and start free floating until you come up on a new island and start a new life.

*Peep the oceanic-style metaphoricals. Get on my level.

In other news: I got a Canon XH A1 with a few accessories. It cost me a flippin' grip. I won't be doing any lavish spending or going on any vacations for at least another 3-4 weeks :( The bright side is that I have a new piece of equipment to improve the hustle.


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