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Quincy threw a cupcake at your face.

I have migrated to Facebook. I thought it would never happen, but a good friend of mine kind of convinced me that as an entertainer I should utilize every resource to pull up my name on a Google search. To tell you the truth, Facebook isn't as bad as I thought it would be. In some ways its better than MySpace.

At this point Facebook and Myspace are two separate parties candidates vying for our allegiance. I have heard friends debate on which one is better.

"MySpace sucks now. Its for pedophiles and losers who don't have a life. I'm on Facebook."

"Facebook is for pretentious assholes who think they're above MySpace, but don't realize that is the same f--king thing!"

NOTE: I have both a Facebook and a MySpace page and I like them both the same, so that makes me a pretentious pedophile who doesn't have a life, oblivious to the fact that I'm on the same type of social networking web site and communicating with the same people. I am so broken on the inside.

The simple fact of the matter is that both of these sites are the same, minus a few minor differences.

-Facebook is more invasive and does not allow as much privacy as MySpace. I'm going to go ahead and say that Facebook does not allow you to have any privacy at all.

-MySpace enables musicians to promote their music more easily than Facebook and there is a different type of MySpace page for just about any profession in entertainment you can think of.

-Facebook uploads pictures faster and at a higher quality. MySpace allows you to organize those pictures more easily.

-Most Facebook pages are the equivalent of having a private page on Myspace (you can only view the pages of people on your friend list, but once they are on your friend list they are made aware of every move you make via the site). MySpace pages are most often viewable by the public and is, therefore, more effective in letting you meet new people.

So, which one do I like better? As of right now, I like Facebook a little better because its easier to find people you know and it has this gay ass feature where you can do stupid and pointless things to people.

You can give them gifts: Quincy gave Abby a cupcake.

You can throw things: Quincy threw a table at Ryan's face.

You can poke people (the most pointless of all): Quincy poked Abira.

You can give people animals, I think: Quincy gave Paula a pet frog.

What I'm trying to say is that there are a whole lot of unnecessary applications and things you can do on Facebook that make it incredibly corny and incredibly funny at the same time. I mean, how can you NOT laugh when you get a message on your Facebook notification page that says, "Veronica gave you an apple pie."

....oh did she?

So, for you MySpacers who are debating the migration to Facebook, come on over, I guess. Its kinda like MySpace but more flamboyant and personal. For those of you Facebookers who "hate MySpace"...wake up. They're the same damn thing.

Am I the only one who thinks of Black Planet and Friendster as a deserted wasteland where only zombies roam? I'm sure I'm not. How about for kicks you and I start a creepy online relationship where we only communicate through BlackPlanet.

NOTE: This invitation is open to women only.

NOTE TO THE NOTE: This invitation is not a real invitation and if you take me seriously on it I will not send you a facebook puppy on your birthday.

My blogs suck lately.
I'm sorry.
I'm out of my mojo.
I'll get back on the ball coach.
Keep me in the game.

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