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the atom smasher

I just read about this atom smasher experiment going on. It is the most interesting thing I have heard of in a long while. The experiment got underway yesterday (or today depending on your time zone) and so far so good.

"The Atom Smasher" as the media has been calling it (clever...really clever), is a Hadron Collider. Its a 17 mile tunnel beneath the border of France and Switzerland that, in a nut shell, smashes atoms together. It is meant to recreate the conditions that supposedly sparked The Big Bang and crafted the universe. They hope it answers questions as to how existence came to.....well...exist. The experiment is also expected to address inquiries we may have of alternate dimensions and things of that nature.

In case you still don't understand I'll explain it in simpler terms: They tryin' tah' make, like, a miniature outer space 'n shit.

The success of this experiment largely relies on the belief in The Big Bang, which means that religious folks have issues with the experiment. I won't go into detail because their disdain for the project is pretty obvious and to be expected. Other scientists are afraid that if they are successful, then black holes may generate within the generator (haha). This is dangerous because if a black hole gets big enough, then it will end existence. This sounds dramatic, but it is true....IF the black hole gets big enough. Personally, I don't think this is possible because we're talking about a 17-mile tunnel in comparison to all of outer space. I don't think a black hole in a 17-mile tunnel will house a black hole large enough to implode the Earth.

My only concern is the possible affect this experiment could have on the scientists working on the Hadron Collider. This is the kind of stuff that can go lickity shits and incidentally give people super powers. What if the reactor explodes and everyone within the tunnel are exposed to radiation, hence making them impenetrable to bullets, able to fly, able to shoot laser beams out of their eyes, run really fast, and any other extraordinary power that may result in being exposed to radiation from a faulty reactor?????

NOTE: I do not know whether or not the Hadron Collider has a reactor or uses any type of radiation. My theories are all crafted from my imagination; which is mostly made up of things I have seen in comic books.

In any case, the "atom smasher" is working so far so from this point on our knowledge of the universe will change forever. Heck, they may even disprove The Big Bang Theory, which in itself is pretty exciting. The spiritual part of me feels like we should just leave some questions unanswered. I mean, we're playing with some pretty dangerous concepts here!

Anyways, I'm rambling here.

A THOUGHT: What if we are in a Hadron Collider? What if we're the results of a science experiment?! Of course that's ridiculous, but ya' know....what if, eh?

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