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i should be in bed, but i'm not 'cause i'm a REBEL

Is there anyone out there worth talking to?

Its a sad day when you realize that your online/imaginary social life is more active than our real life social life, isn't it?

AM I RIGHT FOLKS....or am I alone here?

Tonight my roommate/best buddy-o, Mr. Ryan Conner ( were walking to a show and saw a guy on the street whom we saw at a street festival a couple of weeks ago. At the street festival this guy looked like a pimp because he was with a gang of very hot women. Upon seeing him in the streets tonight and getting a closer look we realized that he looked like a lunatic. It was decided that he was not walking with those hot women; he was rather walking near them to appear to be with them.

Role playing is the new "unwelcomed advance". Beware ladies.

Tonight after the show a woman walked up to Ryan and I (more so up to Ryan to express her adoration of his comedic talents...I jut happened to be standing there). She was clearly a regular to the bar/club we were in, however, it is my theory that no one likes to admit they are a regular to anywhere.

NOTE: I personally will stop going to a restaurant after they start to recognize me by face and/or name.

Anyways, I sort of jokingly asked the cliche question (in a sleeze-ball voice), "Soooo, do ya' come here often?" She didn't get that I was joking (who could) and she quickly, and a little bit defensively, replied that she rarely ever comes to this bar and that she usually spends her evening visiting museums. Which is even weirder than spending time in bars.

ME: Soooo, do ya' come here often?

HER: Oh no, no, no, no...I come here every once in a while but thats only on nights when I'm not doing something more valuable with my time. Like....I usually go to museums or something.

ME: Yeah, I usually spend my weekend nights at home reading books.

I sad that to her sarcastically, until I realized that I actually DO spend my weekend nights either watching movies, in the studio, or (you guessed it) reading books.

For a moment I thought I was cooler than I really am and I was the type of guy who went out with his girlfriend or friends on weekends. I forgot that I'm single and m friends feel like Jersey City is too far from Brooklyn :p

Bing bong bing.

On a lighter note here are some different annoying names you can call people (most of which are derivatives of the slang word "bro"):

-Bro Bro

The last one is my favorite.
"HEEEY, whats goin' on Hammertime?!"

use it.
you're welcome.

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