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Hillary supporters who refuse to vote for Obama....

Yesterday, a co-worker and I got into a discussion about the current presidential election. She is a Hillary Clinton supporter who says she does not support Obama, so she doesn't plan to vote. We got into a tiny debate about whether or not she should vote for Obama or not. I said she should, whereas she felt she shouldn't. I am going to explain, in great detail why she and people with her perspective SHOULD vote for Obama.

So not to be completely bias I will present her point of view first. Let me say this: I do not think my co-worker is "wrong". There is no right or wrong way to deal with a difference in opinion (hence calling them 'opinions' and not 'facts'). My co-worker's point of view does not make her incompetent.


My co-worker, along with many others, feels that Obama is untrustworthy and inexperienced. She sees him as someone who just wants a title and is not really focused on making the changes he promises. In feeling this way, she threw her support behind Hillary Clinton, whom she felt was better suited to be President of our country. After Hillary lost the Primary Election, my co-worker still felt the same sentiments towards Obama. She still feels the same distrust for his motives. Since her feelings had not changed towards Obama she says she does not feel right voting for him in November.

My co-worker does not support John McCain. Upon my asking her, who she would chose between McCain or Obama she, without hesitation, said she would support Obama if she had to choose between the two, but she would much rather see Hillary as President. She didn't see how it was fair that Hillary got more of the popular vote in the Primaries and did not get the Democratic nomination.

NOTE: Lets not forget that Hillary seemingly got the most votes because Obama was not on the voting ticket in a few of the states who went against voting regulations and held their voting too early. Simply put, people in these states who wanted to vote for Obama could not because they were not awarded the option to do so. In a later poll it was proven that Obama would have won in those states had he been on the ticket.

As you can see my co-worker doesn't want to vote for Obama because she doesn't feel right putting support behind someone she did not initially support. As a result she said she did not plan on voting and would "leave it up to the rest of the country to decide."


The simple fact of the matter is that Hillary is no longer in the running to be President of the United States. I know that sucks for a lot of you who supported Hillary Clinton, but this is how it is. She is no longer an option. The country has two choices:

1) President Obama
2) President McCain

The Democratic Party still has a significant amount of lingering bitterness on the side of Hillary Supporters. There are SCORES of Hillary voters who refuse to vote for Obama. These people may as well be putting their support behind McCain. The Republican Party does not have the same divide that the Clinton supporters are causing. All the Republicans who believe in John McCain's [flawed] policies are going to vote for McCain. The only way the Democratic Party can compete with that is if all the Democrats who believe in the CORRECT policies vote for Obama.

Choosing not to vote is not an acceptable option to take. One vote lost for Obama is in support for McCain. I understand that Hillary didn't win and Hillary supporters are upset about that. I also understand how people could have reservations about supporting a candidate they don't understand completely; however, we are at a point where the choice is obvious. At this point, how could you NOT vote for Obama?!?!

There are Hillary Supporters (NOT including my co-worker) who have said they will vote for McCain to spite Obama. Shame on them. What sense does that make?! All that proves is that you don't follow the issues. How could you, someone who claims to believe in Hillary's vision, vote for a candidate that COMPLETELY CONTRADICTS THAT VISION ON ALL COUNTS?!?! I'm going to go ahead and use the word "stupid" to describe your logic.

Voting is a privilege and is not a vehicle for you to express your revenge against another candidate or to prove your selfish point of view. Do you think a vote for McCain is helping Hillary? Is that really what you think? If McCain wins, then NONE of Hillary's platforms will see the light of day.

None of them.

To those Hillary Supporters who have sworn to vote for McCain I say this: You all can either hop on a boat, leave the United States forever, and ruin someone else's country with your twisted logic and abuse of your voting privilege, or swallow your foolish pride and vote for Obama. The same Obama who has a lot of the SAME OBJECTIVES AND PLATFORMS AS HILLARY CLINTON.

There are also scores of people who will not vote because they feel like their vote won't count either way.


Aside from all the people who dedicated their lives towards the fight for us to have the right to vote, it's crucial in an election like this one.

I'll be the first person to admit that the American voting process is screwed; however that is even MORE reason to vote. The system goes by Electoral College rather than popular vote, but here's the thing people: THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE IS DETERMINED BY THE POPULAR VOTE IN EACH STATE!!!!!!! Do you understand that? Virginia is mainly a Republican state, but if more Democrats vote for the Democratic candidate in Virginia than the Republicans vote for their candidate, then Virginia becomes a Democrat state.


I'm done ranting about this. In summation I say this to the two types of Hillary Supporters who refuse to vote for Obama:

1) To the potential voters who choose not to vote at all, I beg you to consider the alternative. Obama needs your vote, where as McCain doesn't need it. He only needs you to NOT vote for Obama and he could run away with this election.

2) To the Hillary Supporters who have vowed to vote for McCain. Like I said before, shame on you. Stop being so stubborn and vote for the only other option you have to make this country better than what it is now and save it from where it is heading under Republican influence. I challenge any one of you to contact me and explain why you would support Hillary and then flip and support McCain JUST BECAUSE Hillary did not get the Primary Nomination. You can either contact me via e-mail at or as a comment/reply to this blog.

AS A FINAL NOTE: Above all of this voting is important. I implore all of you to vote for whomever you want to be it McCain or Obama. People sacrificed a lot for you to have the right to do so. The least we can do to thank them is to take advantage of the opportunity.


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