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Those of you with a MySpace page may have noticed this new Categories feature where you can separate your friends into categories. For example, I could start a "Family Members" category for the myspace friends I am related to. Its pretty convenient, but I haven't taken part (don't plan on it) and never knew what it was.

Every time you are divided into a category you are sent a notice. There is also a record kept of what categories you are in on different people's pages. Last night, while in the studio I took a Myspace break (addiction? naaaah). I curiously checked what categories I am in on people's pages. Most of them weren't too shocking. On most people's page I was in a "Musicians" category. I believe a couple of people had me in some sort of "Friends I Know in Real Life" category.

There was one category, however, that stood out among the rest of them. This was the "Sexy Niggaz ONLY!" category in which I earned allegiance. I didn't know the woman who put me in the category. I have never corresponded with her via e-mail or by phone, but apparently she thinks I am sexy enough to be placed in her "Sexy Azz Niggaz ONLY!" category. I was honored. It literally warmed my heart.

NOTE: The "heart warming" may be due to the indigestion I was suffering from at that moment. Who knows?

Anyways, I can't help but feel a bit odd about it though. So rarely am I described as a 'sexy azz nigga'. I decided to write a blog about it because such things must be documented. Superficial compliments come far and few and I need to savour this as much as possible.

I have had trouble sleeping this week. Even though I am tired/sleepy I lay down and end up tossing and turning until about 2:30am or 3am. The benefits is that I have time to lie awake and contemplate the mechanics of life and the mysteries that we may never see resolved. Here are some of the things that I've been thinking about:

1) Why are most pigeons so fat, but they only eat crumbs. Other birds are tiny, but pigeons are like the Fat Joe's of the bird world. How is this possible? Is their metabolism that slow?

2) Too much exfoliation can cause your skin to get dry. Use facial washes in moderation, Quincy.

3) Why is the floor in my apartment so difficult to keep clean. No matter what it always looks messy.

4) .....

Ok, I have to get to work now.

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