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*NOTE: This following conversation picks up towards the end of a long and disgruntled debate with a manager of a cell phone provider.

SPRINT MANAGER: Mr. Ledbetter your bill is double what it should be because it shows that you forwarded your calls to a different number.

ME: I what? I don't even know HOW to forward my calls to a different number from my phone.

SPRINT MANAGER: It shows here that you accumulated 40 minutes of calls that were forwarded to another number.

ME: Oh yeah?

SPRINT MANAGER: Yes Mr. Ledbetter.

ME: Well, what number?

SPRINT MANAGER: Excuse me sir?

ME: What number? What number did I forward the calls to?

SPRINT MANAGER: I'm sorry sir, we do not have that information.

ME: So let me get this straight. You are charging me for using a feature that I didn't know my phone even had; which is a feature that I don't even know how to use in reference to a number that apparently doesn't exist.


ME: Then what is this extra $150 doing on my bill?

SPRINT MANAGER: Sir, you forwarded these calls to another number.

ME: So, which number did I forward it to?

SPRINT MANAGER: We do not have that information.

ME: Explain to me how you can rightfully charge me for information you DON'T have.

SPRINT MANAGER: I'm sorry sir, but --

ME: Hold it right there. Why don't you explain to me how a call is forwarded to another number.

SPRINT MANAGER: Well, dial *720 and then---

ME: Stop. I can tell you right now that I have NEVER dialed *720 before making ANY call. I don't even know how I can do that by accident.

SPRINT MANAGER: Sir, our records show that you forwarded numerous calls to a different line.

ME: Ok....what line did I forward it to?

SPRINT MANAGER: We don't know.

ME: Exactly. Thats my point. You don't know. You're charging me for something I DID NOT do and you don't have the data to back it up.

SPRINT MANAGER: Well sir....

ME: I didn't even know what the hell Line Call Forwarding was until you told me about this and I definitely cannot accept that you don't have the data to support your reasoning for charging me for it.

....long story short, I got my money back.


I'm tired of Tyler Perry putting his name in front of EVERYTHING he does.

We get it Tyler. You've made it. Congradulations. You're necessary and you serve a purpose. We just need the movie or show title from now on. Your name doesn't have to go in front of everything you do anymore. This isn't grade school.


(a very irritated) Q.Ledbetter