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new stuff, fool

WARNING: This is a very typical and promotional blog. There is nothing of any great substance contained within its contents, however, it will give you instructions leading you to something more worth your attention. If you have read this far, then I'm sure you will take care to follow the instructions of this blog; in which case, I thank you.

I thank you all over your face.

1) Go to my myspace profile ( and try to make your way through the party that is going on.

2) Battle your way through the paparazzi that hangs out on my page and get yourself to the tracks on my music player.

3) Listen to the new track entitled "Krystal Kovalick" (produced by myself, written and performed by Krystal).

4) Observe your life getting better.

5) I only accept praise, so if you have something negative to say then write it in a letter and mail it to Santa Clause. Constructive feedback is welcome from professionals ;)