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exciting office moves!

The power is out in our office just for our company. Our branch on the lower floor is still operational, so some of us have migrated down here to work throughout the day. This is very exciting....enthralling, even!

I am in a cubicle that is more cubicle-like, than my original cubical. There are more people on this floor, so I think that is why the keyboard clicking noise and random earshot catches of office banter are more audible.

The good news is that no one down here knows what I'm supposed to be doing, so there is no way they can give me work on top of my current work.

Hey! This cubicle has funky-trendy cubicle shelves! I'm jealous! I want funky-trendy cubicle shelves that slant and are adjustable.

and ya' know what else...blah blah blah blah blah....