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This bulletin will start with a news report of an artist that I work with, Sulaiman Azimi. If I were more inclined I would say "my artist", but I have never really liked the possessive undertones that come along with a producer calling an artist their artist.

The report is not in English because it is done by an international news channel with Afganistan, which is Sulaiman's heritage. In any case, you'll get the point:

There is the url. Go to his page and listen to the music. Most of it is demos, but they're great to listen to. He's a great artist and will be the biggest in the world someday.


Yesterday, was tough for me. It was one of those days when you feel like a prisoner in your cubicle and you wish you were living a dream of yours. Ever since I have moved to New York I have been becoming much better at what I do. When I got here I hit the ground running, but over these past two weeks I have felt more like I have come to a brick wall. I'm not TOO worried because since when have you seen a brick wall that you can't get around? I don't feel like I've hit the Great Wall of China or anything....but, I'm kinda lost on where to go next. Has that ever happened to you? Tell me about it.

I need a vacation, but I can't really think of anywhere to go. I don't want to go back to Virginia because I can do that any weekend out of any month. I don't have enough money to really fly anywhere and I surely don't want to take a week off of work to stick around my house. Does that eliminate all of my options? Any ideas?

I'd ask if any of you want to come, but I don't know 98% of you well enough to risk spending a week in some undisclosed location with a stranger. What if you're crazy....or what if you aren't crazy, but just really annoying? What if I'm annoying to you? Lets take things slow. I think we should take a break. As a matter of fact I don' t think this relationship is working. We're moving too fast and I need my space. I'm sure you need yours, too. Its not that I don't like you or that my family doesn't like you. My family loves you! My mom was asking me just the other day when I was gonna grow up and ask you to marry me, but I think thats not possible at this point what with our careers pulling us every which way. Don't you think. Don't worry about the kids. I think they're old enough to understand.

Woah....I just broke up with all of you. How did it feel? I'm sorry things had to be this way. I miss you. How about we give it another shot for old time's sake, eh? My mom was asking about you and she wants you to come over for dinner. She makes the best fried chicken and its weird because its even better the day after.

.....that part about the fried chicken is actually true. My mom makes the best fried chicken and its ALWAYS better the day after. If anyone challenged my mom to a fried chicken cooking contest they'd lose. They'd feel some kind of terrible way about themselves. This is why she cooks it exclusively for family and relatives. She doesn't want people walking around feeling bad about themselves.

What I'm saying is, if you marry me you'll have access to the best fried chicken ever in the history of ever times.

I just remembered that my mom reads my blogs now. I'll bet she's blushing right now.

I am constantly adjusting my glasses. Its annoying.