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street preachers and such

On Saturday night I was coming from a friend's house in Brooklyn (great cookout Henri) and stopped in Union Square to see what I could blow my money on at Guitar Center. If you haven't been to Union Square in Manhattan, you should go for a few minutes; its a great place for these reasons:

1) There is a Virgin Store there and the Virgin Store has every CD and/or DVD you could possibly think of.

2) There is a movie theater attached to the Virgin store.

3) There is a Cosi restaurant close by, which is over priced, but still good.

4) The court yard. There is always something awesome going on in the court yard.

The court yard will be the focus of this blog.

As I passed by the court yard I noticed a crowd of people crowded around a man with a microphone and an amp. This man (aged about 22-24 years old) was holding a BIBLE in his hands and trying to bring everyone to Christ. The crowd of about 70-100 people sat and watched, while some yelled obscenities, others yelled rebutals, etc.

What made this interesting was an area designated for anyone in the audience who wanted to make a comment or challenge the man on his beliefs. I thought that was incredible. Usually, pastors or religous extremists spit out their ideas or their church's stances on religion, but this guy was a little different. He opened the lines of communication and allowed all challengers to state their ideas and beliefs.

Before I go any further I have to say that I only agreed with about 70% of what the street preacher was saying. I felt like he was a perfect example of someone who doesn't think for himself and only has the idea of GOD that was given to him as opposed to using past information to develop his own ideas.

Anyways, the bulk of the audience seemed to be filled with Agnostics or Athiests, so you can imagine the things that were being yelled at this guy. Although, I didn't agree with a lot of what he was saying, I was blown away by his bravery and coolness throughout the whole thing. You can't help but respect someone who is fearless with their faith and is willing to share it with everyone else.

The same respect goes for the people who were in line to share their ideas with the street preacher and challenge his ideas. Some of them were ignorant and just cussed him out, but most of them offered up some very great points.

I was with a friend and he said he didn't see the point in it all. I explained that things like that are necessary and its what makes us beautiful. Things like that are what makes free countries beautiful. We can yell our beliefs in the streets and people can yell their beliefs back at us. We can challenge each other. We can be proven wrong. We can be proven right. Its interaction like that that makes our culture more of a culture. Simply put, it makes us smarter.

I don't know. You shoud've been there. I hung out and took everything in for about 30 or 40 minutes before I realized that Guitar Center had closed.

Good day to all.
Believe what you want. We're all probably right and wrong to the same degree anyways.