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my take on the Batman Mania

First of all, you all need to calm down and relax a bit. Its a great movie, but I'm hearing people who weren't Batman fans last year raving like they've been diehard fans since birth.

So I finally saw the movie last night. It was flippin' awesome, however, it wasn't the best movie I've ever seen in my life. Heath Ledger's performance is Oscar worthy and if he doesn't get them ALL, then he was robbed. I got upset while watching the movie because he did SUCH a great job playing The Joker that I wished he was still alive to revive the role (if the opportunity were to present itself) and to play other roles in other movies. He really was in an incredible actor. Its unreal that someone can be that good. He stole the film.

The movie had a lot of great surprises that I won't give away. It was a fearless movie in the sense that it wasn't afraid to remove some of the fairy tale happy endings that exist so much in movies. This wasn't a movie that was hell bent on punching and kicking and taking out bad guys, like most superhero movies are. This was a movie driven by classic characters and great plot.

My only beef is that I wanted MORE Two-Face. It seemed like Harvey Dent should have had more time as Two-Face. It seemed like, "Hey, I'm Two-Face now," then POOF! Gone. Movie over. I would've liked to see a Joker/Two-Face collaboration written into the plot. Then again, that would've been pretty difficult without making things cheesey and much like the past Batman movies.

Again...I can't say how much I wish Heath Ledger was alive to receive the acclaim he deserves for this role, but such is the way of life, I suppose.

Go see the movie without believing the hype (like I did) and you won't be let down.