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sickly q

Drugs. I need drugs that will stop me from being sick. Of course, I mean drugs of the legal sort. So if you have any drugs please send them to:

The Q.Ledbetter Association of Awesomeness
Attn: Q.Ledbetter
7777777 Not Gonna Happen Lane
Gumdrop Terrace, ME, 84857

My birthday was earlier this week on the 15th. My good buddy Krystal sent me a Monk-e-Mail, which is just like an E-card, but sooooo much better. With Monk-e-mails you can build a monkey, put it in different backgrounds, and make it say whatever you want.


You type what you want the monkey to say and it says it just as you typed it. Its genius.

Since my discovery of Monk-e-mails (thanks to Krystal) I have been sending messages to EVERYONE via the monkeys. Here is a count of Monk-e-mails I have sent and the people I have sent them to:

Ryan - 3
Rory - 1
Jason - 1
Andy - 1
Danny - 1
Krystal - 1
John (brother) - 1
Myself - 3
Leon - 1
Angie - 1
You - 0

Have you noticed that I haven't send you a Monk-e-mail yet? This is unacceptable. Shoot me your e-mail address and I'll send you one. I'm warning you. My Monk-e-mails are usually not work safe. I make my monkeys look like sleeze balls and they usually say corny lines that a monkey would say to pick up women.

Now that I think of it, the phrases "monkey love" and "stroke the monkey" have been used in most of my Monk-e-mails. If you send me your e-mail address, then I will send you one. You will laugh. You will send some to your friends. You will thank me.

Yesterday, I went for a follow up eye doctor appointment. They diolated my pupils, which as you know lets more light into your eyes. Here is a word of advice:

As you leave, when the doctor offers you a piar of sunglasses to sheild you from the excess light....take them. Don't be a dickhead like me and think you're tough enough to bear it. I walked home with my eyes 90% closed because there was so much light coming into my eyes.

When I started typing this blog/bulletin, I had a purpose. I had something to say, but then I went off on the whole Monk-e-mail thing. I'm sorry. I'm sure whatever I had to say was very interesting and would have changed your life. I guess thats another jewel that you'll have to do without.

I'm probably going to leave work early today. I can't get through the day being as sick as I am.