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nerd roots, revisited

I went to the eye doctor last night to get an eye exam and refill on my contact lenses. The doc said that my eyes are always red because my eyes do not get enough oxygen and I need to wear glasses more, so I decided that I'd get a new pair of glasses.

I was torn between two pairs. One pair was a fairly thick black frame that seems to be trendy now a days. The other was slightly thinner and inconspicuous. I wanted to go with the inconspicuous pair because I don't like to follow trends just to do it and I felt like wearing the thick framed glasses would've been a bit too, "Hey look everyone I have glasses just like you!" The other frames were a bit more modest and more like, "There's nothing interesting going on here.

The salesman talked me into getting the thick framed, trendy glasses. This is mainly because he had an accent that I couldn't distinguish and for some reason people who have really dignified accents always sound smarter. This is especially true with the English/UK/New Zeland accents. I don't know what it is....those people just always sound like they're right.

Anyways, I asked a female what she thought because I tend to do whatever women tell me to do. She sided with the thin frames because my "eyes are nice and [she] could see them better", but she noted that the trendy frames were more stylish. The comment about my nice eyes would've won out, but I've been wearing contacts for a few years now and my "nice eyes" have yet to improve my dating record.

So, in the spirit of my tireless efforts to bring sexy back....I got trendy thick frammed glasses and will be sporting them every once in a while.

later gators.