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at this point its pretty obvious....

PREFACE: I wasn't originally going to post about this because I was convinced that I was mistaken about my assumptions in the matter, however, recent developments have confirmed my suspicions:

The company for which I work during the week (my "regular job") has a surplus of hot women working for them. When I say 'a surplus' I mean its like they're going to the hotness farm and picking them out from a hotness patch of hotness. I would say that 8 out of 10 women that work here are hot and no older than 33 years old.

I really hate to sound typical, shallow, and superficial, but at this point I can't really avoid it. They just hired a new girl in the department next to mine and I'm sorry, but she is the straw that broke the donkey's back. She's too hot. Its too much for me. There has to be some sort of screening process; a sect of executives watching each interview from a hidden room with spy cameras evaluating the "qualifications" each candidate possesses beyond her resume.

I'm not sure if there is a sect of female executives doing the same for the men who get hired here, but if so, then I need to know. If there is, then my self-image would sky rocket to a point where I think my head would inflate and I'd float to the heavens.

Looks are cool 'n all, but whats really hot about these women is that they're all smart. Being physically sexy is one thing, but when you have intelligence, then....

....oh man.


This is a terrible bulletin/blog and I'm sorry. Its out of character for me, but if you were here you'd have to say something about it, too.