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whats happening to us????

The link at the bottom of this post is a news story about a man who got hit by a car and no one did anything to help him.

Someone hit this man and sped away, while other cars passing by drove around him. People in the street walked by him, while other people stood by and did nothing.


I don't think I would be as affected by this if they didn't acutally have video of the man getting hit and even MORE footage of the people ignoring him.

Whats happening to us ya'll? Seriously. Since when do we hold each other with such disregard that we can watch our fellow man/woman get hurt so badly and do nothing to help?

It shouldn't even be considered going out of your way. If you see someone who needs help and you have the means to help them, then why wouldn' t you?

I'm not saying you should start emptying your pockets for every homeless person you see on the street. I'm not saying you should spend every spare hour of your day building houses and bridges and knitting clothes for the shirtless (GOD Bless those who do show that sort of commitment).

All I'm saying is, if you saw someone in dire need of assistance and you were able....wouldn't you assist? Don't you think its our duty to do so.

I don't know whats happening to us, man.

Here is the story.