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tip the bar, shawty

I just called you all sucker faces. I did that. It happened. Take it up with my lawyer, son! Do it. Do somethin'. Try it. Ugh!!!!

As you can see I'm feeling very gangsta today. I'm likely to punch someone in the face if they cross me wrong today. Oh man, its on an poppin'.

I think DJ's talk funny. Don't you? The next time you're at a party, club, or listening to a mixtape listen to some of the stuff these guys/gals say. I especially like when they turn down a really good song for 3 seconds to say things like:

"How many ladies in here got jobs? Let me hear you if you a independent lady who got a job, a car, and don't need no man!"

"Fellas, let me hear you if you got a dollar in yo' pocket!"

"I see you red shirt! Do ya' thang mami!!!!"

"Show some love to tha bar, ya'll. Get drunk tonight."

"Let me hear you if you fu--in' tonight!"

I can never keep a straight face when I hear that stuff.

Remember when I said I like salad now? Well, thats over. I broke up with salad this week. I realized it wasn't working between me and salad. It was a fairly easy break up because it turns out that salad never really liked me much either.

I still plan on eating salad every now and then because its healthy, so I suppose we'll have a "friends with benefits" thing goin' on, which I am usually against because its wreckless behavior.

How do you spell wreckless. Is it wreckles or reckless? Someone let me know.

Speaking of relationships, everyone is getting engaged at a young age in 2008. Also, our government has made some pretty large goofs much to our; hence I have named 2008, "The Year of Questionable Decisions."

Lets hope that 2009 will be, "The Year of Unquestionable Resolutions."

Did you see how clever I was just then. Trust me, it doesn't get any better than that. Sub par wit is my thing, baby. Get up on it.

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