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wait....wasn't that Doogie Houser

On Friday night I went to a bar to meet up with some folks. Its a small bar in the village called Nurse Betty (I think). Neil Patrick Harris was there, which isn't really shocking, but its different, ya' know?

Seeing Neil Patrick Harris anywhere is just as random as his career. Doogie Houser was one of my favorite shows way back in The Before Time when it was on the air. Besides that I didn' t see him again until Harold & Kumar put him back on the radar. I'm sure he's done plenty of between projects, but I'm not aware of them and I'm banking on the idea that no one else is either.

If you wanna hear good music, then check out "Night Time is the Right Time" with Ray Charles. I've never heard such a raw, seamless, and clean recording of anything. Its almost perfect (I say "almost" because I wish it were longer).

Ever since I've moved to the NYC/NJ area I've encountered some of the worst customer service representatives in the world. I'm pretty sure a national survey would conclude that NYC and NJ has some of the worst and most rude sales and service reps in the country. I'm sure I could go to the Congo and get more friendly and fast service.

The following is a conversation I had with a sales rep at Guitar Center yesterday (no exaggeration here):

ERIC: This is Eric in Guitars

ME: Hi, may I speak with someone in ProAudio, please?

ERIC: Sure, one sec.

*few seconds wait


ME: Hello?


ME: Hi, I was wondering if you had any MPC 5000's in stock and if so, do any of them----


ME: I'm sorry?

SALES REP: Nope. None in stock.

ME: Okay. you know when you'll get any in sto---


ME: So you don't know when you'll get any MPC's in stock.


ME: Is there any way you could know when you get anything in stock.


ME: Sure....ok, later.

1) I don't know how anyone who works in any store for more than a week could NOT know when a shipment of anything comes in. Even if they do not know, wouldn't that prompt them to ASK SOMEONE WHO KNOWS?!?! I'm sure someone in the building knows when a shipment of equipment comes in....especially such a hot selling item.

2) Did this mystery sales rep have a bet with his fellow co-workers to see if he could handle a call by only saying the words "Yep" and "Nope"? That has to be the case.

Has anyone heard Usher's new album? I'm nervous about getting it. I kinda like "Love in the Club", but not so much that I want an album consisting of different versions of that song....which is how albums are turning out to be lately. Hit me up and let me know somethin'.