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you missed the best blog ever

NOTE: This bulletin is a story about the best blog posting ever. It is not the best blog ever.

At around 1:27am I wrote the best blog ever.

I do not have the blog for you to read because I accidentally deleted it instead of sending it. I closed out the Internet window I was using instead of clicking 'SEND'. I am not sure how this happened, especially since the little "X" is at the top of the window and the send button is at the bottom.

Oh man, you guys missed it. This blog was the best ever in the history of all that was bestest. This blog was smart. This blog was funny. This blog would've made you cry. This blog would've made Steven Segal cry (and Steven Segal NEVER cries). This blog even got scientific and stuff.

This blog had such an extensive don't even KNOW! It was all like, "actually". Then it was on some ol', "repercussions". Then it got up on yo' ass wit' some of that, "systematic".

I'm pretty sure that if you decoded this blog that it would've held the secrets of life within its context. Unfortunately, we will never know because I'm the idiot who types blogs when he's half asleep and does not register that the red "X" is NOT the 'SEND' button.

I haven't been sleeping much lately, so usually at around 2pm my brain shuts down. I, literally, just sit at my desk (here at work) and stare at the computer and try to think of something worth thinking about. Sometimes it happens and I can use that thought to fuel another 5 or 10 minutes of comprehension; however, most times I just sit there and focus really hard on keeping my eyes open and remembering to at least say, "Huh," when someone says my name.

....or something that sounds like my name. The other day my boss was talking to my coworker Angie, and I said, "Huh" in the middle of their conversation. They both looked at me for a few seconds in confusion.

NOTE: I am aware that 'Angie' sounds nothing like 'Quincy'. This should give you an idea of what level of brain power I am working with. It is the same level of brain power that led me to accidentally delete the BEST BLOG EVER!