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so i've been thinking....

I can't help but think that all of these natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, tornados, etc) is due to some sort of spiritual unrest in our world. I have noticed that within the past few years we have been racing towards a breaking point. Everyone is uneasy, the economy is the worst its been since I can remember in my own life time, financial woes are reaching even the highest of classes, et cetera. We've all become far too preoccupied and focused on things that really don't deserve our attention, wheras the things we should hold dear are tossed in the back burners.

Call me a nut case or an over-thinker, but I think that the Earth is initiating a reaction to our actions and emotions. There is a bad vibe in the air and I think our world/dimension/Earth/whatever is acting accordingly.

I realize how crazy this sounds, but it just makes sense to me.

I've placed two tracks, ya'll!!!! They're both for TV shows on ABC and The Discovery Channel. This is very good news that came right on time because I've been really fustrated with music lately. I haven't been discouraged in the slightest, but just really fustrated (there's a huge difference).

Nothing has been really happening lately and I've been working hard. Which lead me to think I wasn't working hard enough, which made me both fustrated with the circumstances themselves and with myself for not working hard enough.

....and believe me I work hard, ya'll.

All in all, I need to be more social and get out to network more.

But yeah....think about what I said in the first part of this bulletin, everyone. Put a little love in your heart. GOD knows I will.