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again with this????

There is yet another chain mail thing going around claiming that Obama is somehow tied up in some sort of government conspiracy. This new one claims that its possible Obama isn't even a legal U.S. Citizen and therefore not qualified to be President of the United States.

If you have worked anywhere other than McDonalds or Forever 21, then you would know that many employers conduct background checks before making an offer to an applicant. These background checks are especially extensive and intense for positions within the U.S. Government.

Even custodians working for a government agency goes through these background checks, so don't you think that within his years in the Senate or at the ultimate least at some point after he announced his aspirations to become President he would have to undergo some sort of background check?

Get your head out of your ass and stop getting your political ideas from myspace, facebook, and the clinically insane. Watch CNN or read the paper.

NOTE: I was going to say "stupid" instead of "ridiculous" in the subject for this blog/bulletin, but stupid people get offended too easily.