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the sun is like an abusive wife right now

I haven't posted anything in a long while because my mood has been pretty crabby. My being a sour puss is mainly because of the heat that follows me everywhere I go. My roommate and I didn't have air conditioning in our apartment until yesterday when I bought two units for us. One of them went in my room.

The good news: My room feels great.

The bad news: The rest of the apartment feels like a South African summer.

NOTE: I've never been to South Africa, but if it feels anything like the living room in my apartment, then I don't wanna go.

More good news: Since my room feels good, I'm in there more. My studio is attached to my room and since I'm in my room more, then I'm in the studio even more.

Even better news: I got an MPC 5000 last week and I finally got used to it last night. This means nothing to you.

SUN: It means something to me Q.Ledbetter!

ME: Wadda ya' want?

SUN: Woah, brosef! Why the attitude?!

ME: You've been following me around everywhere and making me sweat in my good clothes and making me musty. Its hard enough for me to meet women already; the last thing I need is to be musty on top of my bashfulness and awkward sense of humor.....and DON'T call me brosef. I hate when you do that.

SUN: My bad, bad.

ME: Yeah, whatever.

SUN: Hey, remember that time when you walked to the doctor and the hot doctors' assistant was tending to you and you were sweating because it was so hot outside and you were all funky from walking in the humidity and the heat and probably stinking and musty.

ME: Yeah, I remember.

SUN: Oh man, I'll bet everytime she sees you she'll think about how bad you stunk that day.

ME: Yeah, I'll bet.

SUN: My bad, chief.

ME: Whatever.

SUN: Fortunately, that was so long ago, so we can put it behind us.


SUN: What? Naaaaaaah.....that was like...months ago, coach.

ME: Nope. That was yesterday!

SUN: bad, duder.

ME: I wish it would rain.

SUN: Yeah, me too.

ME: No you dont!

SUN: Yeah, you're right...I don't. I like hanging out with you too much, Q.Ledbetter. Lets be friends again.

ME: No.

SUN: How about I go with you to the doctor again today while you walk 10 blocks to the office.

ME: No.

SUN: I know by "no" you really mean "yes". Now go make me a sandwhich.