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someone is in for a very bad day....

You guys won't BELIEVE what just happened.

I was walking to the train stop and a commerical truck (mac truck...whatever) was trying to turn on this narrow street just as I was passing by. As it was turning the back of the truck WRECKED the side of a parked car.

...I mean W-R-E-C-K-E-D!

I stood there astonished at what I was seeing for what seemed like minutes. It was only a couple of seconds, but when you witness something like that it seems like its happening in slow motion. The truck driver kept on with his efforts to drive along this street, so I assumed that he didn't realize he hit the car.

I ran to the driver's window and was like, "Yo man, you just hit that car!" He reacted in a way that a 5 year old would react if his/her mother saw them break a vase and was planning on denying it.

ME: Yo man, you just hit that car!!!!

HIM: ....what?

ME: That car back there. You just hit it.

HIM: Oh man....

ME: Yeah, dude....

HIM: Oh, man...I hit that car?

ME: Uhhh....yeah.

HIM: I ain't gonna make it down this street.

Can you help me back up?

So, I spent the next 5 minutes directing this guy as he backed out of his failed attempt to turn down this narrow street (in the process saving the damage of about 3/4 other parked vehicles). After I directed him back to the main street, I expected him to park, get out, and begin the process of reporting his little boo boo. No such thing happened.

After he was on the main street he drove off. I stood on the corner thinking he would park, and come back, but I suppose we can't expect everyone to do the right thing. I watched him drive down one block....two blocks....three blocks....out of sight.

After waiting on the corner (in the RAIN mind you...all this is happening in the rain) for a few moments I assumed that he wasn't coming back.

Fortunately, as I was directing him I left a voice memo on my phone leaving the company he drove for, the license number, the truck number, and the license number of the car that was damaged.

I just told my brother this story and he called me a hero.

But, can we really be heros for doing something we're supposed to do? Nope. That makes us normal, I suppose.

All I know is that if I were to wake up in the morning and walk out to my car to get to work and realize that my car has been wrecked by God-knows-whomever and is undrivable (this car was WRECKED people), then I'd be in for a bad day.

I just spoke with another friend of mine who said that most people wouldn't have done the same thing. I don't want to believe that.