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justified butt kicking

There is a report on CNN where a group of police officers in Philly beat up a group of guys who had just been involved in a shooting. The cops were white and the group of guys was black, so naturally the media is trying to put a racial spin on this. It has been confirmed that the men that were beaten by the cops were involved in a shooting where they shot three people. A few of the police who were involved in the beating were witnesses to the shooting. When the police tried to apprehend the shooters they ran. When they were caught the cops beat them.

I'm sorry, but from the outside looking in it sounds like the dudes had a good ass kicking coming to them. Its one thing for a cop to hear of a shooting and then arrive at the scene, but to actually SEE the shooting and THEN have the perpetrators RUN from you. I dunno....I might be moved to kick their asses, too.

On the other hand I wasn't there and its the officers' word against the perps (I'm not going to refer to them as victims), but if everything happened as it has been CONFIRMED in the news report, then they deserved a good beat down. Meaning, if they really did shoot three people, and they really did flee the scene upon being ordered by the police to stay put (hence putting more people in harm's way), then I'd just give the cops a slap on the wrist and send them on their merry way.

Heck, if I were mayor of a town or some sort of authority, I'd make it legal to kick someones ass after they shoot someone. That should be the American way. If you are seen shooting someone, then you get your ass kicked. If you are seen shooting three people, you get your ass kicked by a group.

I'm not saying what the police did was the right thing to do legally, but all things considered, I understand why they did it and I surely don't think it was a race thing. It was a we-just-saw-these-guys-shoot-three-people-and-we-should-serve-them-a-hearty-ass-whoppin-for-it thing.


I went running this morning. I woke up at freakin' 4am to run.

Anyone who reads my blogs/bulletins knows that I hate anything thats good for me (i.e., working out, eating healthy foods, relaxing, etc.). As a matter of fact, I'm kind of a bitch about it. I get really fussy when I work out and eat healthy. So, my decision to run every morning from now on was made with a little internal kicking and screaming.

As expected, the run itself sucked major; however, the feeling AFTER the run was great. Not only that....I had a SALAD last night for dinner. WOAH, yeah you read that right. Q.Ledbetter had a salad and let me declare this to you all....I am no longer racist against salad. I made it myself and it was pretty flippin' ok.

It didn't taste good by any standard, but it didn't taste bad either. Salad still isn't my first choice, but it is now on my list of tolerable foods.

Its like being only half, the guy who says, "I don't particularly like asians, but Lao, from work, is alright," or the guy who says, "I don't find white women attractive, but Scarlett Johansen can get it any day,"; or the woman who says, "Blacks scare me, but they're really outstanding athletes."

....thats kinda how I feel about salad now. Its not my preference....but sometimes it can be alright.

This blog touched on some pretty taboo points. Even the imaginary characters at the end of it weren't very politically correct. I wonder how your mother is going to feel about it.

....I'll ask her.