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why do i even bother posting these

I ranted off in a ranty type of rant about relationships and the nature of us humans and the degrees to wich we play games with each other and such. I stated my points clearly, precisely, acutally, all that other junk...the thing is that there was no one around to hear it. Thats right. I was by my freaggin' self.

You know that moment when you're about to drift off into sleep and you're not really thinking clearly and something pops in your head. was around then when it happened. Just as I was about to fall asleep a past situation or a song or somethin' passed through my mind and sparked the rant. I suddenly blurted out, "MAAAAAN, SHE THINKS SHE'S LIKE....YOU KNOW WAH' 'EYM SAYIN?!?!"

It was over from there. I'm not sure who I was ranting off at the mouth to. God maybe, but who ever got their fill of Q.Ledbetter Theory.

John Legend's second album grows on you. Give it another chance. I likes it a lot.

Ryan Conner (best bud/roommate) and I were in Hoboken last night and realized that there is a minimal amount of unattractive women in that town. We also noticed that Jersey City Heights, where we live and is only a few steps outside of Hoboken, has a minimal amount of attractive women. I concluded during my mid-sleep rant that this was because there is a younger demographic in Hoboken. Most of the women I see in The Heights are well beyond their 40's. Its like after age 48 they are removed from Hoboken and placed in The Heights.

I think we should get Dateline on the case because I'm not so sure that thats even legal. I mean can they do that? Can they force you to live in Jersey City Heights after you are past the age of 48? Hmmm.

See how profound I am in the mornings? Man, we should hang out. It gets better.

So, this weekend I think I may end up doing kareoke (sp?). I'm not sure how and why I came to agree to do this, but it happened and you know regrets. I see people do kareoke on TV and it looks like loads of happy time. I dated a girl once who's family did kareoke in her uncle's house ever weekend.

....EVERY weekend. It was like their favorite thing to do. I never joined in because I was too cool like The Fonz, but I'm not cool anymore.

we'll see how it goes.

this was terrible...i'm sorry.