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tightly based on a true story

I just over heard a bunch of co-workers talking in the break/lunch area. The following is what I heard. This is ironic because I mentioned something about their topic of discussion in a recent post:

GIRL: ....Uggggh! Don't tell me you eat that!


GUY: You mean, KFC?

GIRL: Yeah, you know why they stopped calling it KFC, right?


GIRL: Because they serve headless and deformed chickens.

GUY: Really?

GIRL: Yeah!

OTHER GIRL: Headless?

GIRL: Yeah, they cut off their heads and raise them in some sort of box so they grow bigger.

GUY: A box?

GIRL: Yeah, they like....cut of their heads and raise them in a box.

OTHER GIRL: Thats gross! How do they raise them with their heads cut off?

GIRL: Its 'cause chickens can live without heads.

GUY: Ohhhhhhhh.....

OTHER GUY: So, what does KFC stand for now?

OTHER GIRL: I think they changed it to "Kitchen Fresh Chicken".

*pause as the girl looks up at CNN, which is showing Hillary Clinton giving a speech*

GIRL: Ugh! I sooo hate Hillary....she such a b-tch!

Let me say this myspace friendos: I did not record this conversation, so you can take its accuracy for whatever you wish. It should be noted, that this JUST happened. I left the break room with ever intent to type this while what was said in the actual conversation was fresh.

What I mean to say is, that I am not exaggerating and you can quote about 98% of that verbatum.

I'm not sure how to spell "verbatum".