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presidential solutions.

Mtv in conjunction with Nickelodeon has asked me to host a show called, Pimp My Slide, where I go to inner city playgrounds and fix up their slides. I line the ladders with diamonds and I use platinum instead of the average steel for the material.

The National Association of Scientists for Healthy Earth have asked me to fix the problem with the melting of polar ice caps. I have enlisted the Justice League to aid me in my efforts to save our world from the melting of the ice caps. Superman will play a key role in our efforts as the last phase of the plan to be implemented involves him flying gigantic chuncks of the ice caps into outer space. Hence lowering our world's water level, so when the remaining caps are completely melted oceans won't flood coastal cities.

"But Q.Ledbetter, what about our fresh water supply?"

I thought you'd ask that imaginary myspace friendo. Thats why I have decided to have Superman store the ice cap chunks on the moon and when we're out of fresh water he can just go back and grab a chunk and bring it back. We also have Aquaman as a technical advisor in our efforts.

So, as you can see I have a REAL plan to save our world and make our inner cities more pimpin'.

This is why you should vote for me for President of the WORLD.