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what a BUST!

Yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a movie. The movie was sold out, so I decided to treat myself to some Thai food. I ordered the wrong dish because sometimes I try to sound smart and order the food in the traditional Thai language knowing damn well, that I don't know what I'm saying. This never works out for my benefit. Its weird because I wasn't with anyone else, so there wasn't anyone to be like, "Wow, Q.Ledbetter knows how to order Thai food in THAI! I kinda want him to have my babies!" I suppose I was just trying to impress myself. You gotta do that sometimes.

Impress yourself.

Fortunately, you can't go wrong with Thai food, so the meal was still delicious.

I decided to walk back home from the Thai restaurant because I'm on a "work out trip" right now (I'm having a salad for lunch). While roaming the streets I passed by a dude and his girlfriend. His girlfriend was very busty...that is to say she had very large and impressive breasts. She was wearing a dress that exposed much of the breasts. It was the kind of exposure that let me know that it wasn't an accident. Like....she didn't try the dress on and think, "Oh NOOOOO!!!! Too much of my breasts are showing. I made a mistake in buying this dress." Nope. It was more like she walked into the store and said, "I have these breasts and I want everyone to know it."

So, as I passed by I made every effort to NOT look at her breasts for two and a half reasons:

1) Her boyfriend was with her and its bad form to gawk while a woman's male counterpart is present.

2) Its bad form to gawk at all.

2.5) If you saw this dress and the amount of exposure you would realize (as I did) that she was the kind of girl who WANTED people to look. I didn't want ot give her the satisfaction.

After I passed by this woman I couldn't get the fact that she purposely wanted people to look at her breasts (again...if you saw the amount of exposure you would realize it was NO mistake). I thought about why a woman would do such a thing and came to the conclusion that she probably didn't have high enough self-esteem to expose an aspect of her personality to everyone rather than her boobs.

I mean, really....when I saw this girl her tits where the first thing I noticed and if you were to ask me about her all I would have to say is, "She has really big tits." If you asked me to say something else about her, I'd say, "They were nice tits." I would hope that women want more said for themselves than their bust size...even if its a stranger in passing.

I mean c'mon don't see men doing that kinda stuff. We're not walking around in crochless jeans to show off the package, are we? Nope. We're not. I mean the most a man would do is wear a vintage t-shirt 3 sizes too small....or post shirtless pictures of themselves on myspace....which is wack.

Sorry fellas....but, its wack. The only women you would attract are the types of women who wear dresses exposing their wonderful tits, hence a woman who doens't think very highly of her personality. Is that the kinda girl you wanna be with? Always insecure about her personality and what she has to offer?

The same goes for you ladies? Do you really just want a dude who is silly enough to post a picture of himself in a bathroom showing off his six pack? I mean silly is that.

The both of you will get into a relationship and accidentally have a baby and raise it with lower self esteem than your own.

Grow up.

Wow, I got pretty angry at the end of this one. I'd better bring it to a close.

I had a dream last night that NYC and the surrounding areas in New Jersey were taken over by a religious dictator. The Bush Administration did nothing to help us, so the full population of NYC, Jersey City, and Hoboken were over rulled by a Hitler type of religious leader.