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arguing is not sexy

Yesterday, during my lunch break, I took a trip to a near by mall to browse things I can't afford. On my way to the food court, I started to pass by a couple who was arguing. I'd go into detail, but this bulletin would be too long. Just know that they were making the second largest scene I'd ever witnessed.

NOTE: The first largest scene I witnessed was when my brother and I were kids and we saw a guy beating up his girlfriend.

For a long time after I saw this couple arguing I thought about how people could allow themselves to fall into a situation like that. (I don't consider that a relationship; its a "situation".) I can't imagine tolerating a woman speak to me like that and I wouldn't expect a woman to tolerate me speaking to her like that.

I was dating a girl for a little bit in college and the first night she rose her voice to me was the last night I saw her. Call me low tolerance, but if its early in the game (meaning we've just started dating) and you yell at me over some stupid crap, then I consider it to be a deal breaker. I understand later in the game and at some point down the line I'll have disagreements with someone I'm dating, but to talk to me like a child is just......wrong; and if it happens once (especially so early), then it'll happen again.

My guess is that this couple always argues like that. How do I know? Because they had a kid. Yep, thats right....they were together long enough to have a child together.

I feel sorry for the kid 'cause he/she (I couldn't tell from my distance of avoidance) won't know how to handle conflicts without raising their voice.

It starts at home folks.

I can honestly only remember two times in my life when my parents rose their voices at each other. TWO TIMES, folks!

I dunno....I'm ranting. I guess my point is that if you're in a situation rather than a relationship, then jump ship.

...or at least argue constructively instead of having yelling contests.

Its not sexy.